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Why Become
CUECC iAgent?

To get maximum profit while
enjoying the easy and fast application
You can make profit

1   Highlight Featured Programs specially offer to Agent to apply.
2   Real time update of university commission ranking to help you choose the commission proportion at your wish.
3   Get commission in the shortest time, right after the student registered at the university.
You Will Enjoy Easy Procedure

1   Anyone : Our Platform specially design for individual Agent and company Agent, no matter you are a Chinese teacher, international student or a CEO of a company, you can always find this platform easy to use.
2   Anywhere : With Internet, you can submit application anytime anywhere.
3   Instant Payback: By sharing CUECC Invitation Code, you can easily get instant commission when others submit their application.
4   One Single Platform: On one single platform, you can submit applications to 300+ universities and 20,000 + programs as our Agent, without spending money and time to build cooperation with the universities.
5   Online Wallet: Without wasting too much time and strength on transfer fee and waiting in the bank, you can pay the application fee and withdraw your commission all online.